Crystal Healing

Is more or less similar to Reiki and Nipha’s own development which combines several healing techniques to one simple one.

We are working with the Chakra system, Chakra is a Sanskrit word and means as much as “wheel” or “turning”. The human body has 7 main Chakras and various minor Chakras, we are working with the 7 main ones. They go along our body from the root to the crown and you can compare them to the structure of a tree.

Every Chakra has got its own color, some people can even see them. Our chakra colors are similar to the colors of a rainbow, the root starts with dark red and it ends up in the crown with ultraviolet to white. In the beginning of a Crystal Healing Treatment we check with a pendulum in which direction the chakras of a person are turning. Nipha explains that in video.

After that we’re using palm healing like in Reiki. In her course Nipha teaches four different palm healing combinations, the course lasts 10 days, in the first 5 days you will obtain treatments ending with a Chakra Opening Meditation. In the following 5 days you will learn how to heal yourself and others and have the possibility to deepen your knowledge.

The theory about Crystal Healing is easy to learn, to get in touch with the power of healing, which surrounds all of us, all you need is love and an open channel, symbolized by the Chakra System. In this course you can learn how to keep that state that every day.