Chinese Cupping Massage

Is an ancient practice that spans both East and West.

In the ancient shamanic traditions of many of the world's indigenous peoples there were healers who specialized in the sucking illness and infirmity out of the body. In the East, the Chinese have been practicing the art of cupping for at least three thousand years and it has become a fixed part of the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Cupping is applied to the acupuncture points to relieve the stagnation of Qi and blood, both locally and in the organs activated by the point. In the West, cupping therapy had its birth in Egypt. The Ebers Papyrus, written around 1550 B.C., states that healing by wet cupping removes foreign matter from the body.

We are using vacuum cups with a rubber ball, so the practitioner can move and massage with the cup along the meridian lines of the back. Cupping massage is a quick and easy technique to get rid of a stiff neck and general muscle stiffness along the back. We are offering short time treatments of a good value for busy people. Mostly we get stiff if we haven’t got much time to relax.

Further on it helps our body to detoxify and is a great support if you are on a special diet or a detox program. Today cupping is famous for its anti-cellulitis effect. It works but indeed it needs several treatments - once a day, at least for a week. To make sure that you will have a perfect bikini bum on your holiday, we are offering that kind of cupping therapy as well.