Wound Caring Advising

Sure we aren’t a hospital but one of us has been working as a nurse for a while.

Koh Phangan Island is sadly famous for its Motorbike accidents and wounds don’t heal well in the tropics. If there is anything open, infected or itchy on your skin and you just don’t know if it’s bad or not, you can come around and ask for advice, it’s for free. We will tell you honestly if you have to see a doctor or you might be all right with some Aloe Vera from the garden.

Something special for your skin you can’t get at the hospital we can offer you as well. We have been producing and selling Colloidal Silver at a fair price on Phangan Island for 8 years. It’s great for faster wound healing and very helpful for treating sunburns, skin irritations and much more.

To make sure it’s the right thing for your problem it’s good to talk with us personally. There isn’t an all-round medicine for every case, so experience helps a lot. What Colloidal Silver exactly is and a free instruction from us how to take care for your wounds you will find in the following videos. Drive safely, or how to say in Thai gab lod dii dii.